Terms and Conditions


All renters must be able to provide a valid driver’s license, passport copy with visa page and authorized credit card.

All drivers must carry a locally accepted driving license.

UAE RESIDENTS: A valid UAE driving license is a must. Please note that driving without a Valid UAE driving license when on residence or employment visa is a violation of the LAW.

NON-RESIDENTS: Visitors are encouraged to have an International Driving License/Permit prior from arrival to the UAE. Customers from the following countries can drive in the United Arab Emirates without an International Driving Permit (IDP); however, must hold the passport and driver’s license from the same country: GCC Countries: Saudi Arabia,Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar  European Countries: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Romania, Luxumburg, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria North American Countries: United States of America, Quebec State in Canada. East Asian Countries: Japan, Australia, Singapore, People's Republic of China, South Korea, New Zealand, Hongkong, African Country: South Africa

International or National Driving license in any other language other than Arabic and English should be translated into Arabic or English. The translation should be attested by the Embassy.



Minimum Rental Period

Rental charges are on 24 hours basis.

Age Restrictions

Minimum age requirement is 22 years.

Insurance Excess

Deductible amount charged where hirer is at fault or provided a police report under hit and run case:

AED 1500.00 (A to F Groups), AED 2500.00 (Rest of the Groups) and AED 5000.00 (BMW 730Li/Audi A8/Dodge Challenger)


A pre-authorization is taken from the hirer’s credit card at the time of rental. Pre-authorization amount is between AED 2000 to AED 5500 depending on the vehicle type. We keep pre-authorization amount up to 15 days until we receive late traffic fines and salik updates from the Road and Transport Authorities (RTA) of Dubai.

Method of Payment

We accept all major Credit Cards (MASTER, VISA, JCB, DINERS and AMERICAN EXPRESS). Credit card should be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the day of rental and must be physically available at time of vehicle collection.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)

Reduces the excess insurance/liability amount to ZERO


Unlimited kilometers for DAILY and WEEKLY rentals

Standard Vehicles: 5000km for MONTHLY rentals, AED 0.35 fils for every extra km.

Renault Duster, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Renault Koleos, Renault Captur, Ford Figo & Ford Edge: 3000km per month, AED 0.35 fils for every extra km.

Dodge Charger, Dodge Dodge Durango GT, Jeep Cherokee, Volvo S90 & Volvo XC 90 & All Niche/Special Category Vehicles: 2500km per month; 1/-Dirham for extra km.

Monthly Rentals

Monthly rentals are calculated from 25 days & above rental period. Advance payment is mandatory. Early car return will automatically cancel the monthly plan and respective weekly or daily tariff with 25% discount will be applicable for the rental period. 

Agreements opened on DAILY and WEEKLY rentals cannot be extended to MONTHLY contract.

Personal Accident Insurance

To add more security on your driving, we also offer Personal Accident Insurance, this can purchase at an additional cost which covers the driver and the passengers.

Driving License

All drivers must carry a locally accepted driving license.  A valid UAE license is required for UAE residents. Visitors are encouraged to have an International Driving License/Permit prior from arrival to the UAE.

Fuel Policy

The hirer should return the vehicle with the same fuel level as given by the company. If not, the hirer will be charged the cost of fuel plus a service charge.

Salik (Toll Fee)

All of our cars are installed with Salik sticker which will be AED 5 per passage at the Salik toll gates.

Late Return

Only 1 hour grace period is allowed. Beyond 1 hour, full-day charges as per the tariff card will be charged directly from the hirer.

Additional Driver

The hirer may put on an extra driver with minimal cost, provided that he fulfills all necessary requirements. Daily: AED 21.00; Weekly: AED 126.00; Monthly: Free of Cost

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Dollar Rent A Car reserves the right to add 5% VAT as confirmed and implemented by UAE Government with effect on Jan 2018.

Oman Insurance

**Due to Travel Restrictions to Oman, we have temporarily stopped issuing Oman Insurance to customers until further notice.


Driving to Oman territory is allowed with prior purchase of an Oman Insurance Certificate along with the No Objection Letter available at the rental desk. Oman Insurance charges are as follows (these rates are excluding the 5% VAT):


                   Car Type or Similar                     1-3 days         7 days    7+ days     30days   Extra KM Charged 
Nissan Sunny ▪ Nissan Micra
Toyota Yaris ▪ Nissan Tiida ▪ Honda Civic Toyota Corolla ▪ Chevrolet Cruze ▪ Honda Accord ▪ Nissan Altima ▪ Toyota Camry ▪ Renault Duster
350 Dhs/- (with 600 km for 3 days) 600 Dhs /- 
( 250 Km per day )
75 Dhs /- 1000 Dhs /- 1 AED
( Each Day extra + 75 Dhs/- )
Toyota Previa ▪ Ford Explorer ▪ Mitsubishi Pajero ▪ Nissan Xtrail 450 Dhs /- (with 600 km for 3 days) 750 Dhs /-
( 350 Km per day )
100 Dhs /- 1500 Dhs /- 1 AED
(Each Day extra 100 Dhs/-) 
Jeep Wrangler Sport 500 Dhs/- (with 600 km for 3 days)      (Each Day extra 150 Dhs/-)  850 Dhs /-
(250 km per day )
150 Dhs /- N/A 1 AED


LIMITED MILEAGE provided when driving the car in Oman. Following vehicles are NOT allowed to be driven to Oman: Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, BMW, Mini Cooper, VW Golf GTI, Mercedes C200, Audi A6, Audi A8, Chevrolet Tahoe, Nissan Patrol and Chevrolet Camaro/Dodge Challenger. 


Off-Road Liability/Charges

Insurance does not cover off road usage of the vehicle and the customer will be liable for damage caused and charges arising out of such use.

Vehicle License Fee

A vehicle monitoring device fee also known as the Vehicle License Fee (VRF) will be charged as implemented/mandated by the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai. Daily: AED 5.25; Weekly: AED 31.50; Monthly: AED 78.75

Traffic Violations

Drivers are expected to abide with the traffic rules and regulations. For every traffic fine incurred you will be charged 10% extra to cover administration charges and Knowledge Fee as imposed by Government of Dubai

Airport Return Charges

All vehicles off hired/returned in any of our airport counters will be charged an airport drop off fees. If you wish to avoid this drop off fees, rented vehicles can be returned to any non-airport branch locations between 08:00H to 17:00H (Saturday to Thursday). Presently the airport drop off fees is as follows: Dubai Airport Terminal 1- AED 52.50/-, Dubai Airport Terminal 3-AED 52.50/-, Sharjah Airport- AED 21/- and Abu Dhabi Airport- AED 26.25/-

Non Airport Return

Drop-offs at any Non-Airport locations will be free of cost based on the working hours as mentioned on https://www.dollaruae.com/index.php/pages/locations

Oman Off-hire/Return Charges

Muscat/Sohar: AED 1050.00 ; Salalah: AED 1575.00.00

Value Added Assets

Child Seats/Baby Seats, GPS and Wi-Fi Devices are available on request and subject to availability only. GPS: Daily-AED 36.75/-, Car Seats: Daily-AED 36.75, Wifi-Device: Daily-AED 42/-

The hirer shall be fully responsible in case of loss, stolen or damages for the usage of Wi-Fi Service.

Dollar Rent A Car is not liable for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or for any loss or damage suffered by users arising out of usage of any of the information published on any pages /maps on the GPS. The hirer is liable to pay for charges of AED 1000 for the loss of the Unit. In case of any damages all charges as determined by Dollar are payable.

Breakdown Procedure

Please try to park the vehicle in safe and secure place. Try to know exactly where you are. Contact the nearest Dollar Rent A Car office or Toll Free 800-4710 (800 Dollar) and provide the details of breakdown type. A replacement vehicle will be sent. A Service Fee will apply for replacement of the spare tyre. 

Delivery/Collection charges

  • Delivery and Collection within the same emirates will be Dhs. 52.50/-
  • Delivery and Collection in Different Emirate a one way fee will apply :

From Dubai & Northern Emirates Locations to Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Locations will be Dhs 210/-

From Dubai & Sharjah to Northern Emirates will be Dhs 210/- (Vice Versa)

From Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Locations to Dubai & Northern Emirates Locations will be Dhs 420/-

From Abu Dhabi to Al Ain will be Dhs. 210/-

From Al Ain to Abu Dhabi will beDhs. 210/-

Pick-Up and Drop-Offs inter-emirates/One Way Fees

 If you arrange to pick the car up in one location and drop it off in different Emirate One Way Fee will apply as below.

  • From Dubai & Northern Emirates Locations to Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Locations will be Dhs 210/- per one-way drop
  • From Abu Dhabi & Al Ain Locations to Dubai & Northern Emirates Locations will be Dhs 420/- per one-way drop
  • From Abu Dhabi to Al Ain will be Dhs 210/- per one-way drop
  • From Al Ain to Abu Dhabi will be Dhs 210/- per one-way drop

 Public Holidays

Dollar Rent a Car Downtown offices are closed on Public Holidays. All Airport counters are open 24/7.



This online reservation facility does not constitute a contract for the supply of vehicle rental services. A contract will be entered into at the time of rental and will be governed by the laws of the country of rental.

Dollar Rent A Car Prepaid rental booking showing a specified value will be accepted as a means of payment of the reservation charges at rental counters. The booking must be accompanied by a credit card both for security and to cover the charges not included in the booking value, such as fuel, extras, and excess in case of damage or loss of the rented vehicle. A pre-authorisation will be taken on the credit card to cover excess & other additional charges at the time of vehicle hire.

Standard Dollar Rent A Car UAE Terms and Conditions apply. All rentals may be subject to additional surcharges (e.g. for special equipment, additional drivers, young drivers, optional insurances, fuel, Salik, Traffic fine etc.).

All rentals are subject to an insurance excess, optional insurances are available to excess.



Credit cards are accepted for online payment. Please note the Credit card used online must be presented at time of pick up. Credit card on the name of card holder must be available at pick up location. This is a mandatory requirement. The credit card must have enough funds to cover the security deposit.


Dollar Rent A Car UAE applies Cancellation and No Show / Lost Rental charges on all prepaid rates booked from www.dollaruae.com 

(C) Change of Reservation:

1. Any change to a booking made online or through a Dollar Rent A Car Representative will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the change is made. This may be greater or lesser than the price originally booked. This applies to changes made to:

a. Drop off location | b. Pick up date and time | c. Drop off time and date | d. Vehicle group | e. All other additional products.

2. Any modification for changes made online would have an amendment fee of AED: 50.00

3. The primary customer name and the pick-up location on a reservation cannot be changed. If you wish to change the primary name or the pick-up location, then you must cancel the reservation (see below “Cancellations”) and make a new reservation.

4. You will be asked to enter a valid credit card number at the end of a change to a prepaid reservation. This MUST be the same credit card that was used for the original reservation. If you wish to change the credit card, then the original reservation must be cancelled (see below “Cancellations”) and a new reservation to be made.

5. Administration charges will not apply to amended bookings, unless the amendment significantly changes the original booking, in which case it will be subject to the cancellation fee detailed below. All requests to amend a booking will be subject to normal availability of the requested vehicle. Prices may change between the date of the original booking and the amended booking, in which case the later prices will apply.


1. Customers may cancel a pre-paid booking with an administration fee of AED: 50.00 if Dollar Rent A Car UAE is advised 48 hours prior to pick up date.

2. For cancellations of rentals with less than 48 hours’ notice, Dollar Rent A Car will charge one day rental of the reservation and an Administration fee of AED: 50.00.

3. Refunds will be made to the credit card that the original booking was made on within 21 working days.

4. Any booking that is cancelled on the same day of pick-up due to invalid documents, etc., will be considered as cancelled less than 48 hours' notice. Hence, Dollar Rent A Car will charge one day rental of the reservation and an Administration fee of AED: 50.00

Early Return/ No Shows:

1. There will be no refund for unused car rental days on a prepaid rental, once the rental has started.

2. There will be no refund if the customer fails to show up for a rental that has not been cancelled prior to the pickup date.


If a rental needs to be extended once the car has been picked up, local rental rates on 25% discount from the normal tariff will apply for the additional days and the additional charges will be settled by customer’s credit card.


Cash as a form of payment is only accepted at the end of rental. At the beginning of rental a credit card is required for the deposit.

Late Arrival Policy:

If you make a reservation specifying a pick-up location and you do not arrive at the specified pick-up location for the rental within 4 hours of the specified pick-up time, (or if the location closes before then, by the locations closing time), the reservation will be treated as a No Show and charged accordingly.


Your extras, i.e. GPS, Baby seat etc. are payable at the rental location & is subject to availability.